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Greetings! I'm Olga, the creative mind behind Olga Kuzmina Interiors. If you've landed on this page, you're probably curious to learn more about me. Well, let me share my story with you!

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My Story

The topic of interior design, decorating and home arrangement has always been of great interest to me and was my favourite hobby until at some point I had the opportunity to become a professional designer. 


I studied at the International School of Design in Moscow and then at the International Design Business School in UK, and I continue to study constantly, improving my professionalism. Interior design is my second profession. Before that, I worked in the field of brand marketing, and this helps me a lot now! I know how to understand people’s inner motives and translate them into design at the visual and functional levels. In addition, I have extensive experience in managing complex projects.


In 2017, following my passion and mature choice of profession, I founded Olga Kuzmina Interiors, where I work as an independent interior designer.  And I absolutely love it!


I help my clients to realize their dream of a beautiful and comfortable home and thus improve the lives of many people, making them happier every day!

In my work, I pay special attention to listenning and hearing and understanding my clients, their personality, needs and preferences, I help to extract their individual style and always look for solutions that are optimal for them. Focusing on the creative and beautiful solutions whilst also making it practical and functional is my end goal!

I hope this information has allowed you to get to know me a little better. I know that trusting a designer is one of the keys to a successful project, so feel free to ask more questions, I'll be happy to answer!

And, if you are ready to start discussing your project - that's great! Get in touch and let's create your dream home together!


Light and Shadow


We're always there to help you!

+41 79 768 1917

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