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5 mistakes of new build projects

Working with new build projects, I very often encounter the same mistakes that people do while following the process of interior design project development. Hope this list will help you to avoid stepping on the same rake:

☑️ Rely on the furniture layout plan provided to you by the construction company.

▫️The dimensions of the furniture on these plans often do not correspond to reality, they are reduced to make the rooms seem larger. Make sure you draw your own layout plan to scale with basic furniture with realistic dimensions.

☑️ Approve lighting and electrical plans before finalization of your furniture layout plan.

▫️So you run the risk of having only very basic solution for lighting and electricity, not foreseeing various lighting scenarios (zone lighting, wall lamps, built-in lighting, etc.) and not having outlets where you will need them in the future (thus be ready to have a lot of cables all over the room).

☑️ Choose and buy finishing materials, sanitary ware, furniture and lighting, etc without a holistic design concept of your future home as a whole and by room.

▫️Even if you are given a choice of all the above items from recommended suppliers, it will be difficult to make an informed choice and create a coherent and harmonious interior without understanding of the main idea (style, mood, color and material scheme, individuality) of your future interior.

☑️ Work with each contractor and supplier separately, trusting that they can advise you on the best solution.

▫️Without a pre-designed concept and a specialist who sees the “big picture” and is able to direct suppliers in the right direction, you risk getting a fragmented and inconsistent look of your future home.

☑️ Rely on your knowledge and expertise in interior design and do not seek professional help.

▫️Mistakes will be expensive, and choosing the most neutral solutions, you risk making your future home completely featureless.

🔶 Hope that list will help you to avoid the same mistakes. Good luck with your projects! And don't hesitate to contact us in case you need a professional help from concept to detail!🙌

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