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How to choose a neutral wall paint color

Wall paint acts as the foundation in your room, anchoring all the other design elements. It creates an atmosphere and overall feeling of the room.

And why neutral? Because you'll never get tired of it, it’s classic and goes with anything.

However to choose the correct shade of neutral is quite tricky. And here are some tips to choose the right one:

🔸A neutral hue doesn’t mean only grey, beige or white, it may also be with a hint of color like blue, green, yellow, brown, red, violet. Compiling the overall color palette of the room, define which color in your interior you want to support or complement and choose the neutral shade of paint accordingly.

🔸To blend a paint and furniture partnership, stick to similar color temperatures—warm or cool—to avoid any harsh transitions. The undertone is the link that ties the shades together.

🔸Consider the light. Bright natural sunlight bleaches the color, and a darkened room, on the contrary, saturates the shade.

🔸Wall paint is the first to be applied but the last one to be chosen. First define other key elements - flooring, doors and moldings, key furniture, and then choose the exact shade of your wall paint.

🔸Before you paint the whole room, do a test - paint a small section of the wall or attach a separate painted sheet to the wall and evaluate during the day how it looks

I hope these tips will help you choose the right neutral color that will make your interior stand out and shine.🧡

Contact me if you need professional advice on choosing wall paint colours!

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