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5 reasons why your home doesn't look harmonious and how to solve it!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Your home doesn’t look and feel harmonious? Here are 5 most probable reasons:

1. Mistakes in the layout and size of furniture - no zoning, no composition, no balance, quantity and/or dimensions of furniture are incorrect.

What to do: think through the routes of movement (in what order do you move around the room?), create functional zones (for example, a dining area, TV area, storage area, recreation area, reading area etc.), set a compositional center for each zone and create a balanced composition (start with the main items - table, sofa, bed, and complement them with secondary items).

2. There is no balance between the floor and walls - the floor is crowded, and the walls are almost empty or the decor is placed chaotically.

What to do: After allocating zones on the floor, determine the corresponding zones on the walls and decorate with decor, emphasizing the zone. It is important to correctly determine the size, style, colors and location of the decor - it should not be too small or too large, the height of hanging the paintings is the center at eye level, i.e. approximately 160-170 cm from the floor.

3. Mistakes in working with color - too much variety and incorrect combination of colors.

What to do: Follow the 60/30/10 rule, where 60 is the dominating, most likely neutral color, 30 is a secondary color (for example several tones darker than dominating color), and 10 is an active accent color in smaller details.

4. Storage is not well thought out - disorder and visual clutter, too many things in sight, since they have no place and there is no place to hide them.

What to do: you need to think through and have enough storage systems in each room; each item should have its own pre-planned place where it can be easily and quickly put away. Open shelves are used only for displaying decor in a very limited amount, other things should be hidden in closed sections.

5. Lighting omissions - lighting only on the ceiling, no lighting at the middle level, insufficient number of light sources (the room looks boring and dark), insufficient amount of daylight (a common mistake in bedrooms).

What to do: Add light sources at a middle level - task (for reading, for work, etc.) and atmospheric lighting, floor and table lamps, lighting built into furniture. Calculate the required amount of light in lumens for each room, foresee the possibility of dimming . Light is what creates comfort and harmony in your home when it’s dark!

In the bedroom, foresee thin daytime curtains and easily sliding (ideally automatic) night curtains - this way you can quickly change the night and day modes in the room and easily let the daylight in!

I hope these tips are helpful to you!

I wish you to create a harmonious and cozy home!

And I will be glad to provide professional assistance, if you need it, please contact me!

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